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  • Philosophy colloquium, Adam Bradley

    Philosophy colloquium, Adam Bradley

    The Paradox of Pain By Adam Bradley (Antwerp, Center for Philosophical Psychology) Date: Friday 4th October  Time: 1100-1230 Place: H-232 Abstract: Bodily pain strikes many philosophers as deeply paradoxical. The […]

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  • Philosophy colloquium, Bence Nanay

    Philosophy colloquium, Bence Nanay

    The Fragmented Mind By Bence Nanay (Antwerp & Cambridge) Date: Thursday 24th October Time: 1740-1900 Place: FFB-06 Abstract: You are bored during this talk, do you check your phone or […]

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  • Philosophy colloquium, Chris Brown

    Philosophy colloquium, Chris Brown

    “Exclusion endures: How compatibilism allows dualists to bypass the causal closure argument” By Chris Brown (CUNY Graduate Center, Philosophy)  Date: Tuesday 21st May, 2019  Time: 1500-1645  Place: H-232 Abstract:  Jaegwon Kim […]

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  • Philosophy colloquium, Walter Veit

    Philosophy colloquium, Walter Veit

    “Ecological Scaffolding and Natural Selection” By Walter Veit (Bristol, Philosophy)  Date: Thursday, 16th May, 2019  Time: 1640-1800  Place: A-130 Abstract: For decades Darwinian processes were framed in the form of the Lewontin conditions: […]

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  • Philosophy colloquium, Fatema Amijee

    Philosophy colloquium, Fatema Amijee

    “Explaining Contingent Facts” By Fatema Amijee (SFU, Philosophy) Date: Friday, 15th February, 2019  Time: 1100-1230  Place: H-232  Abstract:  I argue against a widely accepted principle taken to govern metaphysical explanation. This is […]

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  • Philosophy colloquium, Poppy Mankowitz

    Philosophy colloquium, Poppy Mankowitz

    “Verbal Disputes and Variance” By Poppy Mankowitz (St Andrews, Philosophy) Date: Friday, 1st March, 2019  Time: 1100-1230  Place: H-232  Abstract:  There has been much recent interest in the idea that, when philosophers disagree […]

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  • Philosophy colloquium, Alexander Skiles

    Philosophy colloquium, Alexander Skiles

    “Essence, Modality, and Identity” By Alexander Skiles (MIT, Linguistics and Philosophy/ University of Gothenburg, Philosophy) Date: Friday, 22nd February, 2019  Time: 1100-1230  Place: H-232  Abstract:  In this talk, I defend an essentialist account of […]

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  • Philosophy colloquium, Daniel Wolt

    Philosophy colloquium, Daniel Wolt

    “Two conceptions of voluntary action in the Nicomachean Ethics” By Daniel Wolt (University of Colorado at Boulder, Philosophy) Date: Tuesday, 19th February, 2019  Time: 1640-1800  Place: H-232  Abstract: It is nearly universally agreed […]

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  • Philosophy colloquium, Daniel Hoek

    Philosophy colloquium, Daniel Hoek

    “Questions in Action” By Daniel Hoek (NYU, Philosophy) Date: Tuesday, 12 February, 2019 Time: 1640-1800 Place: H-232 Abstract: Choices confront agents with questions. Lost in a dark forest and coming […]

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  • Philosophy colloquium, Katalin Balog

    Philosophy colloquium, Katalin Balog

    “Either/or: subjectivity, objectivity, and value” By Katalin Balog (Rutgers, Philosophy) Date: Wednesday, 15 May, 2019 Time: 1640-1800 Place: H-232 Abstract: I propose a novel framework in philosophical psychology – one […]

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