Kamuran Osmanoğlu


Ph.D. candidate, University of Kansas

Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Social Science, and Philosophy of Mind

Email: osmanoglu@ku.edu
Phone: +90-312-290-1072
Office: G-212a


Kamuran is a PhD candidate at the University of Kansas. His main areas of research are in philosophy of science, philosophy of social science, and philosophy of mind. His research is informed by evolutionary biology and he thinks about the ways how other sciences and philosophy can illuminate questions in evolutionary biology. In his dissertation, he argues against the new biological racial realism; and he argues that racial cognition is the result of a psychological mechanism that humans have evolved to assess similarities/differences in human faces.  

Sample publications

Osmanoglu, K., & W. Schulz, A. (2019). It Just Looks the Same: An Evolutionary Psychological Account of Differences in Racial Cognition Among Infants and Older Humans. Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 10(3), 631-647.