Christopher Devlin Brown

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center

Areas of Interest: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Nietzsche

Personal Homepage:

Phone: +90-312-290 2722
Office: H-242


Christopher joined the department in the fall of 2019. He completed a PhD in philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center, before which he received a MA in philosophy from the University at Buffalo, and a BA in philosophy from Binghamton University. Christopher works primarily in philosophy of mind and metaphysics. Most of his research concerns the popular metaphysical position called “physicalism”, which asserts that there is nothing over and above the physical. He has worked on the nature of the physical, the relationship between high-level and low-level physical properties, the nature of subjective experience and its relationship to scientifically scrutable properties (sometimes called the “hard problem” of consciousness), and mental causation. This research is published in AnalysisErkenntnisTopoi, Synthese, and Journal of Consciousness Studies. A current major project is an attempt at specifying the existential (in the Camus sense of “existential”) consequences of different precisifications of physicalism. Additional research interests are Nietzsche (especially his view of human psychology), AI ethics and aging.  Beyond this, Christopher is an occasionally touring rock and roll musician in a band called “dog”, in which he plays guitar and provides some vocals. You can find dog’s releases here: He also enjoys caving, hiking, climbing, running, lifting weights and chess playing.


Sample publications

Brown, C. D. (forthcoming). Consciousness and Categorical Properties, Erkenntnis.

Brown, C. D. (forthcoming). Fundamental Mentality in a Physical World,  Synthese.

Brown, C. D. (2019). Exclusion endures: How compatibilism allows dualists to bypass the causal closure argument. Analysis 79 (4): 587–594.

Brown, C. D. (2017). Minds within minds: An infinite descent of mentality in a physical world. Erkenntnis 82 (6):1339-1350.

Brown, C. D. (2017). A properly physical Russellian physicalism. Journal of Consciousness Studies 24 (11-12): 31-50. 

Montero, B. & Brown, C. D. (2018). Making room for a this-worldly physicalism. Topoi 37 (3): 523-532.