Lars Vinx


Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Toronto

Areas of Interest: Legal Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Constitutional Theory, History of Political Thought

Personal Homepage:

Phone: +90-312-290-3136
Office: H347


Lars Vinx studied history, philosophy and political science (MA) at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. After his doctoral studies at the University of Toronto and a postdoc at the European University Institute in Florence he started working at the department of philosophy at Bilkent University in 2007. He was a visiting professor at the University of Turku in Finland in the academic year 2015-2016. Dr. Vinx’s main areas of expertise are legal and political philosophy, constitutional theory, and the history of political thought. His current research focuses on the tension between popular sovereignty and constitutionalism, and in particular on the question whether constitutional rigidity is democratically legitimate. His other research interests include the legal and political theory of Hans Kelsen and Carl Schmitt, the justification of judicial review, the value of the rule of law, questions of political legitimacy, and early modern political theory. Lars Vinx is the author of a book (with Oxford University Press) on Hans Kelsen’s legal and political theory. He recently edited the first English translation of the debate on constitutional guardianship between Hans Kelsen and Carl Schmitt which appeared with Cambridge University Press. His other work has been published in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Political Theory, The International Journal of Constitutional Law, Global Constitutionalism, the Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence as well as in several book chapters with international publishers.


Sample publications

Vinx, L. Santi Romano against the State. Ethics and Global Politics (forthcoming)

Vinx, L. Forthcoming. The Political Theology of the Secular State in Hobbes and BockenfoerdeOxford Journal of Law and Religion.

Vinx, L. Forthcoming. Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde and the Politics of Constituent Power. Jurisprudence.

Vinx, L. (2015). The Guardian of the Constitution: Hans Kelsen and Carl Schmitt on the Limits of Constitutional Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Vinx, L. (2013). The Incoherence of Strong Popular Sovereignty. International Journal of Constitutional Law, 11(1), 101–124.

Vinx, L. (2012). Hobbes on Civic Liberty and the Rule of Law. In D. Dyzenhaus & T. Poole (eds.), Hobbes and the Law. Cambridge University Press.

Vinx, L. (2011). Austin, Kelsen, and the Model of Sovereignty. Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, 24(2), 473–490.

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Vinx, L. (2007). Hans Kelsen’s Pure Theory of Law: Legality and Legitimacy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.