Murali Ramachandran

Formerly, Associate Professor at Witwatersrand University and Reader in Philosophy at Sussex University

Areas of Interest: Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophical Logic

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Phone: +90-312-290-6943
Office: HZ-44



Murali Ramachandran specializes in epistemology, metaphysics, philosophical logic, and the philosophy of language. The main focus of his research is: paradoxes, causation, conditionals, identity, the theory of descriptions, and more recently, epistemic closure and bootstrapping, especially in connection with Williamson’s anti-luminosity arguments. He was previously Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, Reader in Philosophy at Sussex University, and has also held positions at the University of Manchester and Trinity College Dublin. He has published in journals such as Mind, Analysis, Philosophical Quarterly, and Australasian Journal of Philosophy.


Sample publications

Ramachandran, M. (2016). Knowledge-to-Fact Arguments (Bootstrapping, Closure, Paradox, and KK). Analysis 76 (2016) pp. 142-49. 

Ramachandran, M. (2015). Knowing By Way of Tracking, and Epistemic Closure, Analysis 75 (2015) pp. 217-223. 

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