Nicholas DiBella

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Stanford University

Areas of Interest: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Probability

Personal Homepage:

Phone: +90-312-290-2724
Office: H-337a


Nicholas DiBella joined the department in 2018. He received his B.S. in Physics from MIT in 2009 and his PhD in Philosophy from Stanford University in 2018. The overarching aim of his research is to develop a probabilistic epistemology for metaphysics—that is, a systematic epistemology that determines just how confident we ought to be in propositions of metaphysical interest. He is currently developing a probabilistic approach to metaphysics that is centered around the idea of epistemic modesty and applying it to develop a novel argument against external-world skepticism and to address the question of whether simplicity is a guide to truth. He is also interested in a number of independent topics in philosophy of probability, including qualitative probability, principles of indifference, and the relation between probability and infinity.


Sample publications

DiBella, N. (forthcoming), “Fair Infinite Lotteries, Qualitative Probability, and Regularity“, Philosophy of Science.

DiBella, N. (2018), “The Qualitative Paradox of Non-Conglomerability”, Synthese, 195(3), 1181-1210.