Sandrine Berges has been awarded a Newton Grant

Sandrine Berges has been awarded a Newton Mobility Grant. This will enable her to arrange two workshops with her co-awardee (Alan Coffee at KCL), one at KCL and one at Bilkent. The project title and abstract are posted below.

Project Title: Bridging the gender gap through time: how women philosophers of the past
contributed to today’s thought

Mary-Wollstonecraft-StampAbstract: The gender gap that exists throughout the world extends to academic philosophy in at least two ways: first, women philosophers of the past are not giving pride of place in the history of the discipline. Secondly, women students in philosophy rarely achieve the same degree of success as their male counterparts. This is at least as true in Turkey as it is in the UK, Europe or the United States. Based on the plausible hypothesis that the lack of visible women role models in the history of the discipline contributes to women students’ propensity to abandon their philosophical aspiration despite being as competent as their male colleagues, we propose a program of reinsertion of women in the history of philosophy that is both pedagogical and research based. This will include masterclasses on writing, publishing and teaching, and the organisation of two research conferences based on the work of Mary Wollstonecraft, and the production of an edited scholarly volume on her philosophy and its impact.


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