The Department of Philosophy at Bilkent University has established a reputation for world-class research and teaching. Faculty members regularly publish in top-tier international journals and with leading publishing houses. With 15 faculty members actively engaged in research, we proudly stand as a premier research department for philosophy in Turkey and beyond. Furthermore, our faculty members come from diverse national backgrounds, enriching the intellectual atmosphere of our program. In addition, the department regularly organizes international conferences and hosts renowned visiting speakers. Our research spans key areas of analytic philosophy, especially metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and social and political philosophy. We also have strengths in the history of philosophy, especially ancient philosophy and early modern philosophy.

We offer both Master‘s and Doctoral degrees in philosophy, with English as the sole language of instruction. Coursework for both degrees places an emphasis on frequent writing assignments and seminar discussion. Graduate students play an active role within the department, assisting in organizing international conferences, hosting visiting speakers, editing the lexicon of philosophical terms, and coordinating the annual PhilFest. Our aim is to equip students with advanced research skills in philosophy, preparing them for roles in globally recognized academic and professional institutions.

Higher-order thinking skills are absolutely essential in a world where specialized knowledge quickly becomes outdated and many jobs are being replaced by artificial intelligence. In this rapidly changing environment, the ability to think and problem-solve at a general level has become a necessary ingredient for all successful careers. This is exactly what a graduate degree in philosophy promises to provide.

Our admissions committee aims to select students who will flourish in the department. To achieve this, we consider not only each applicant’s academic credentials (language and academic proficiency scores, GPA, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation), but also their research interests, writing skills, and critical thinking abilities. Given philosophy’s interdisciplinary nature, applicants from all academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. An undergraduate degree in philosophy is not a pre-requisite for applying to the program and coursework is designed to prepare all accepted students for advanced philosophical research. We also warmly welcome applications from international students. All successful applicants receive a comprehensive scholarship.