Sandy Berkovski


Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Oxford

Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Ethics

Personal Homepage:

Phone: +90-312-290-1048
Office: H147


Yehezkel (Sandy) Berkovski joined the department in 2005, right after obtaining his DPhil degree from the University of Oxford. His research interests straddle the issues in ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of science, and metaphysics. Currently he explores the implications of the naturalistic stance for the notions of moral respect, humiliation, and metaphysical explanation. He also maintains interest in neo-Fregeanism and early positivism. His work has been published in a number of journals, including Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Studies, Synthese, Philosophy, Ratio, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Philosophia, Theoria, Acta Analytica, Intellectual History Review, and Logique et Analyse. His hobbies include yoga, Proust, and classical music.


Sample publications

Berkovski,  S. (forthcoming) Moral Criticism, Hypocrisy, and Pragmatics. Philosophical Studies.

Berkovski, S. (forthcoming) Slurs, Synonymy, and Taboo. Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Berkovski, S. (forthcoming) Mandeville on Self-liking, Morality, and Hypocrisy. Intellectual History Review.

Berkovski, S. (forthcoming) Slurs and redundancy. Philosophia.

Berkovski, S. (2017) A Naturalist View of Humiliation. Phenomenology and Mind 78–86.

Berkovski, S. (2015). A Hobbesian Theory of Shame. The Southern Journal of Philosophy, 53(2), 125–150.

Berkovski, S. (2014). Gratitude, Self-Interest, and Love. Philosophia, 42(3), 645–664.

Berkovski, Y. (2014). Two Notions of Shame. Ratio, 27(3), 328–349.

Berkovski, S. (2012). The Possibility of Modified Hedonism: The Possibility of Modified Hedonism. Theoria, 78(3), 186–212.

Berkovski, S. (2011). Lewis’ Reduction of Modality. Acta Analytica, 26(2), 95–114.

Berkovski, S. (2011). Prichard’s Heresy. Philosophy, 86(4), 503–524.

Berkovski, S. (2011). Reichenbach and Weyl on Apriority and Mathematical Applicability. Synthese, 181(1), 63–77.

Berkovski, S. (2010). Some Remarks on Mthat. In L. Baptista & E. H. Rast (Eds.), Meaning and Context (pp. 213–234). Bern: Peter Lang.

Berkovski, S. (2002). Surprising User-Friendliness. Logique Et Analyse, 45(179–180), 283–297.