Daniel Wolt

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Princeton University

Areas of Interest: Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, Ethics, Modern Philosophy, especially Kant.

Personal Homepage:  https://philpeople.org/profiles/daniel-wolt-1

Email: daniel.wolt@bilkent.edu.tr
Phone: +90-312-290-2471
Office: A-231A


Dan joined the department in the fall of 2019. He works mainly in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. Much of his work has focused on issues in Aristotle’s ethics, especially the accounts of voluntariness. His most recent project concerns Aristotle’s theory of practical wisdom (phronêsis). Outside of ancient philosophy, he has strong side interests in the history of modern philosophy (especially Kant) and contemporary ethics. Before coming to Bilkent, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of São Paulo, and before that he finished his PhD in philosophy at Princeton. His work has been published in Ancient Philosophy, Apeiron, European Journal of Philosophy, European Journal of Philosophy, Journal of the History of Philosophy, Mnemosyne, and Classical Quarterly.

See Story Behind the Picture: The Death of Socrates, by Dan Wolt


Sample publications

Wolt, D. (forthcoming). Phronêsis and Kalokagathia in Eudemian Ethics VIII.3. Journal of the History of Philosophy.

Wolt, D. (forthcoming). Energeia in the Magna Moralia: A New Case for Late Authorship, Mnemosyne: A Journal of Classical Studies.

Wolt, D. (2020).  Two Conceptions of Voluntary Action in the Nicomachean Ethics. European Journal of Philosophy. 28(2), 292-305.

Wolt, D. (2020).  The (In)Voluntary in the Timaeus and the Eudemian Ethics. Apeiron. 52(3), 367-384.

Wolt, D. (2019).  The Aim of Eudemian Ethics ii 6-9. Ancient Philosophy39(1), 137-149.

Wolt, D. (2018). Ἀρχη πραξεων ιν Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics II 6, 1223a9–16. Classical Quarterly, 68(1), 330-332.