Tufan Kıymaz


Ph.D., Indiana University

Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion

Email: tufan.kiymaz@bilkent.edu.tr
Phone: +90-312-290-1049
Office: H233a


Tufan Kıymaz received his PhD in Philosophy, with a minor in History and Philosophy of Science, from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 2017. The same year he joined the philosophy department in Bilkent, from where he has received his Bachelor’s degree. His main area of research is philosophy of mind, more specifically our first-personal knowledge of subjective qualities like what it is like to see red or what it is like to be in pain, and the possibility of a fully materialistic and scientific explanation of this type of knowledge. He is also interested in metaphysical questions as to the nature of the physical, especially since one of the most central questions of philosophy of mind is whether our minds are completely physical or not.


Sample publications

Kıymaz, T. (forthcoming) Baker’s Theory of Material Constitution and Thinking into Existence. Filozofia Nauki (The Philosophy of Science).