Nazım Keven


Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Washington University in St.Louis

(On sabbatical leave at CPM)

Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Neurophilosophy, Moral Psychology

Personal Homepage:

Phone: +90-312-290-3136
Office: H347


Nazım Keven joined the department in 2016. He completed his MA in the Philosophy Department at Simon Fraser University in 2009 and his PhD in the Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program at Washington University in St. Louis in 2016. He received the Science Academy, Turkey’s Young Scientist Award BAGEP in 2020. His main area of research is in Philosophy of Cognitive Science, with a particular focus on memory, narratives, and human sociality.  His work is published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Synthese, Neuropsychologia and Hippocampus. Apart from philosophy, he is an outdoorsy person, who especially enjoys hiking, cycling, scuba diving, photography, and vanlife.


Sample publications

Keven, N. (forthcoming). What is Narrativity? Ratio

Keven, N. (2024). Can Episodic Memory Deter Cheating and Promote Altruism? Synthese, 203(5), 132.

Keven, N. (2022). “What does it take to remember episodically?” In A. Sant’Anna, C. Jude McCarroll, and K. Michaelian (Eds.), Current Controversies in Philosophy of Memory. Routledge.

Keven, N. (2019). Let’s Call a Memory a Memory, But What Kind? Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 42, E260.

Keven, N., Kurczek, J., Rosenbaum, R. S. & Craver, C. (2018). Narrative Construction is Intact in Episodic Amnesia. Neuropsychologia, 110:104-112.

Keven, N. (2018). Carving Event and Episodic Memory at Their Joints. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 41, E19.

Keven, N., & Akins, K. A. (2017). Neonatal Imitation in Context: Sensory-Motor Development in the Perinatal Period.(Target Article) Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 40, E381.

Craver, C. F., Keven, N., Kwan, D., Kurczek, J., Duff, M. C., & Rosenbaum, R. S. (2016). Moral Judgment in Episodic Amnesia. Hippocampus, 26(8), 975–979.

Keven, N. (2016). Events, Narratives and Memory. Synthese, 193(8), 2497–2517.