Monica Solomon


Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame.

Areas of interest: Philosophy of Science, Early Modern Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Physics.

Phone: +90(312) 290 2724
Office: H-337a



Monica Solomon received her Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Notre Dame. She recently completed post-doctoral positions at the University of Southern California and Stanford University. Her main research is at the intersection between the philosophy of science, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mathematical practice. She is interested in topics in the history of the philosophy of space, time, and gravity research, early modern philosophy, and the ethical and political dimensions of scientific practice.


Sample publications

Solomon, M. (forthcoming). ““Newton’s Example of the Two Globes”, for Theory, Evidence, Data. eds. Marius Stan, Christopher Smeenk,  Boston Studies in Philosophy and History of Science, vol. 337.(Springer).

Solomon, M. (2021). “Berkeley and Newton”, for The Oxford Handbook of Berkeley, ed. Samuel Rickless. (Oxford: Oxford University Press)