Hezki Symonds

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Australian National University

Areas of Interest:  Epistemology, Philosophy of Language and Mind, and Metaphilosophy




Hezki will join the philosophy department in Fall 2024. He completed his PhD at the Australian National University in 2021. In 2022, he was a postdoc in the same department. Hezki works mainly on metaphysics, especially on the topic of realism and antirealism. But he’s also interested in a variety of topics in epistemology, philosophy of language and mind, and metaphilosophy, especially issues that have a bearing on realism and antirealism. Hezki is an unabashed philosophical realist. He argues that most of the controversial kinds discussed in metaphysics do in fact exist (numbers, properties, propositions, etc.). He has published in Synthese and Philosophical Quarterly. When he’s not doing philosophy, Hezki likes doodling, bushwalking, and writing short stories for children.


Sample publications

Symonds, H. (2023). Schaffer, Sherlock and Shaddai. Philosophical Quarterly 73 (4):1244-1255.

Symonds, H. (2023). Thomasson’s defence of easy arguments. Synthese 202 (2):1-19.