Alireza Fatollahi

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Princeton University

Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Science and Early Modern Philosophy (especially Leibniz and Newton)

Phone: +90-312-290 6943
Office: H-Z44



Alireza Fatollahi received his PhD in philosophy from Princeton University. He specializes in philosophy of science and early modern philosophy. In contemporary philosophy of science, his work tries to answer philosophical questions about science using statistical methods. He is currently working on issues related to the nature of scientific explanation. In early modern philosophy, his past work focused on Leibniz’s modal metaphysics and theories of free action. He is currently working on Newton’s epistemology. He has published in Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Episteme, Philosophy of Science, and European Journal for the Philosophy of Science. When not doing philosophy, he plays Warcraft (the old version), reads books and listens to music (mostly classical).


Sample publications

Fatollahi, A. (2023). Akaike and the No Miracle Argument for Scientific Realism. Canadian Journal of Philosophy. 53(1), 21-37.

Fatollahi, A. (2023).  Conservative Treatment of Evidence. Episteme. 20(3), 568-583.

Fatollahi, A. (2023). Predictivism and model selection. European Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 13, 9 (2023).

Fatollahi, A. & Alishahi, K. (2023). Simplicity and the Sub-Family Problem for Model Selection. Philosophy of Science. 90(3), 648-668