Mary Krizan

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder.

Areas of interest: Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, Aristotle, History, and Philosophy of Science (especially History of Matter and History of Chemistry and Alchemy)

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Phone: +90 (312) 290 3349
Office: H-153


Mary Katrina Krizan joined the department in 2021. She received her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She previously held academic appointments at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse, Spring Hill College (Alabama), and California State University, Fullerton, and was a Quinn Fellow at the National Humanities Center (North Carolina) for the 2019-20 academic year.

She specializes in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and works primarily on topics at the intersection of metaphysics and the history of science. She is currently working on Aristotle’s material elements, his theory of compound inanimate materials, and his more general theory of matter, particularly as it relates to the concept of quantity. She has published in journals such as Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Journal of the History of Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, and History of Philosophy Quarterly.

Aside from philosophy, she enjoys road cycling, playing the drums, exploring urban spaces, and trying to pet as many cats as possible.


Sample publications

Krizan, M. (2022) On Generation and Corruption II 5. In P. Dimas, A. Falcon, and S. Kelsey (eds.) Aristotle: On Generation and Corruption Book II (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), pp. 105-125.

Krizan, M. (2018) Mixture and the Formation of Homoeomers in On Generation and Corruption 2.7, in V. Caston, ed. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 54: 187-226.

Krizan, M. (2018) Primary Qualities and Aristotle’s Elements Ancient Philosophy 38(1): 91-112.

Krizan, M. (2016) Prime Matter Without Extension Journal of the History of Philosophy 54(4): 523-546.

Krizan, M. (2013) Elemental structure and the transformation of the elements in On Generation and Corruption 2.4, in B. Inwood, ed. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 45: 195-224.

Krizan, M. (2018) Substantial change and the limiting case of Aristotelian matter History of Philosophy Quarterly 30(4): 293-310.