Bilkent Undergraduate Students Philosophy Conference

1st Bilkent Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

DATE: 29 April 2017
PLACE: Bilkent University, Main Campus, Room: A-130
Refreshments will be available between talks.
Everyone is warmly invited to attend.
Opening address by Department Chair, Simon Wigley
Was David Hume Really an “Empiricist” Philosopher?
Ali Mert İnal, Yeditepe University
Commentator: Kerem Eroğlu
Knowing One’s Own Intentional Actions: Knowledge in Intention, and Its Implications on Knowing Other Agents and Other Minds
Emre Fatih, Koç University
Commentator: Sandy Berkovski
12.00-13.30 Lunch Break
A Skeptical Approach to “Suicide”: Suicide as a Human Right
Dilara Boğa, Bilkent University
Commentator: Deniz Ergun, Anıl Karasaç
Is a Strictly Non-Normative Epistemology Plausible?
Bartuğ Çelik, Bilkent University
Commentator: Zacharus Gudmunsen
The Ontology of Questions: A Case Study for Formal Ontology from Experimental Philosophy Perspective
Taylan Cüyaz, Aysun Şen, Murat Ertaş, METU
Commentator: Istvan Aranyosi
“What am I?” or How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Dualism
Nazlıcan Kanmaz, Boğaziçi University
Commentator: Fatih Görücü
• Each talk will consist of a presentation of 30 minutes, followed by a commentary of 15 minutes and a Q&A session of 10 minutes.
Organized by students from the Department of Philosophy at Bilkent University: Cem Erkli, Gülce Torun, Kerem Eroğlu, Fatih Görücü, İrem Değirmencioğlu, Deniz Koç, Başak Bozoğlu, Berker
Kılıçlı & Mete Han Gencer.
Hosted by the Department of Philosophy at Bilkent University.

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