2nd Bilkent Undergraduate Students Philosophy Conference

Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018

Place: Bilkent University, Main Campus, Room: H-232

Conference poster: click here.

All talks are to be delivered in English.

All welcome!



9:55 – 10:00: Opening address by Simon Wigley (Department chair, Bilkent University, Philosophy)

10:00 – 10:45: “What does natural selection select?”, Taylan Nogay (Ege University, Philosophy)

Commentator: Gizem Özen (METU, Cognitive Science)

10:55 – 11:40: “Can inequality of resources be justified?” A Critique of John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice, Ece Uçar (Bilkent University, International Relations)

Commentator: Utku Uçkun (Bilkent University, Computer Science)

11:50 – 12:35: “On the prospects of a Quinean ontology of events”, Anıl Sezgin ( Boğaziçi University, Philosophy)

Commentator: Bensu Arıcan (Bilkent University, Philosophy)


12:35- 14:00: Lunch


14:00 – 14:45: “Can a brain scan tell what’s in your mind?”, Kardelen Küçük (METU, Philosophy)

Commentator: Alican Başdemir (Bilkent University, Philosophy)

14:55 – 15:40: “Solution to Al-Ghazali’s Perplexity in the incoherence of the philosophers with quantum mechanics” Reyihanguli Alimujiang (Bilkent University, Psychology)

Commentator: Tufan Kıymaz (Bilkent University, Philosophy)

15:50 – 16:35: “On Katherine Hawley’s response to Della Rocca’s 20-sphere case”, Abdülhamit Gülhan, (Boğaziçi University, Philosophy)

Commentator: Saniye Vatansever (Bilkent University, Philosophy)

16:35-16:40: Closing remarks by Sandrine Berges (Bilkent University, Philosophy)


[25 minutes for each presentation, followed by 10 minutes for the commentator, and 10 mins for the q&a]

Contact: philstudentconf[at]bilkent[dot]edu[dot]tr

Bilkent Students Philosophy Conference Organizing Committee.


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