Doing Things Together: Online Conference on Social Ontology

Doing Things Together: Knowledge, Lies and Responsibility

Online Conference on Social Ontology

Bilkent University

April 17-18, 2021


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Conference Program:

(Istanbul time, GMT+3)

Printable Program: click here.


Saturday, April 17 2021


14:00 – 15:15  Leonie Smith (University of Manchester)

“What Are the Agents of the Press and What Are the Agents of Social Media?”

Commentator: Dilara Boğa


15:30 – 16:45  Säde Hormio (University of Helsinki)

“Lying Groups”

Commentator: Mete Han Gencer


17:00 – 18:15  Bill Wringe (Bilkent University)

“Never Mind the Gap: Collective Obligations without the ‘Quantum of Blame’”

Commentator: Roohollah Haghshenas


18:30 – 20:00  Kirk Ludwig – Keynote (Indiana University, Bloomington)

“From Individual to Institutional Agency”

Commentator: Tufan Kıymaz


Sunday, April 18 2021


14:00 – 15:15  Duygu Uygun Tunç (Middle East Technical University)

“Collective Scientific Knowledge without a Collective Subject”

Commentator: Eyşan Demirkaya


15:30 – 16:05 Evrensel Sebep (Bilkent University)

“The State as a Collective Agent”


16:10 – 16:45  Barış Kastaş (Bilkent University)

“Pushing Expressivism Further: A Narrative Paradigm for Collective Responsibility”


17:00 – 18:15  Saniye Vatansever (Bilkent University)

“Kant on Humanity’s Duty Toward Itself”

Commentator: Lucas Thorpe


18:30 – 20:00  Nurbay Irmak (Boğaziçi University)

“Artifactual Kinds, Types, and Properties”

Commentator: Utku Sonsayar




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