4th International Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

The 4th Bilkent International Undergraduate Philosophy Conference will be held on 4-5 April at Bilkent University, Turkey.

Keynote speaker: Heidi Maibom (Professor of Philosophy, University of Cincinnati)

Title: What is empathic understanding?
Abstract: People often ask us to put ourselves in their shoes? But is this ever possible? Won’t it either be too difficult because we would have to change ourselves into them, or useless because we will just project ourselves onto them? I explain that taking another’s perspective is a matter of occupying ‘the space between’ you and the other person by use of personal resources and a change in your agential centre of gravity. This allows us to achieve a distinctive subjective understanding of the other person in her situation.

Call for abstracts:
Deadline: February 23, 2020
500-1000 words for talks, 300-500 words for posters, via email: philstudentconf@bilkent.edu.tr.

Students from all universities and departments are welcome to participate. Participants are encouraged to apply from outside Ankara, and we will do our best to arrange accommodation if needed.

Presentations will be of two types: 20-minute talks and poster presentations.
Each presenter will receive a certificate of participation.

Submission Guidelines:

1. There is no restriction on subject matter, as long as a philosophical argument is presented.
2. Not only philosophy students but also students from other departments are welcome.
3. Submissions and all other inquiries should be sent by e-mail to philstudentconf@bilkent.edu.tr
4. Participants should send a long abstract of 500-1000 words to be considered for a talk, or a short abstract of 300-500 words to be considered for the poster session. If you submit a long abstract, please indicate whether you would like your abstract to be considered for the poster session as well, in case it is not accepted for verbal presentation.
5. Please attach one copy of your long or short abstract, with its title on top, but is otherwise anonymous and does not in any way give away the identity of the author.
6. Please include in the body of the e-mail submission your full name, university affiliation, the title of your paper and your contact information (such as your e-mail address).
7. The submitted abstracts, the talks, and the posters will be in English.
8. Standard poster size is 36×48 inches (about 91 x 122 cm) or A0.
9. The deadline for submission is February 23, 2020. Accepted submissions will be announced by March 1, 2020.

Click here for photos from last year’s conference.

Bilkent University Department of Philosophy
Bilkent Philosophical Society
Bilkent Cognitive Science Society




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