Social Ontology in Political Philosophy

Social Ontology in Political Philosophy

Location: Bilkent University Library (Art Gallery Room)

Dates: May 5-6, 2023

Description: Collective action plays a central role in politics. Understanding the conceptual underpinnings of collective agency, including related ideas such as collective responsibility and collective capability should therefore play a central role in political philosophy. These issues are most often explored within an area of philosophy known as ‘social ontology’, which draws on work in philosophy of mind, analytic metaphysics and ethics, and which has implications for disciplines such as psychology, law and political science.

Speakers: Stephanie Collins (Monash), Niels de Haan (Vienna), Jade Fletcher (St Andrews), Frank Hindriks (Groningen), Säde Hormio (Helsinki), Avia Pasternak (Toronto), Hans Bernhard Schmid (Vienna), Anne Schwenkenbecher (Murdoch), Leonie Smith (Manchester)

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Conference supported by Bilkent University and the International Society for Social Ontology (ISOS)

Organizers: Bill Wringe, Evrensel Sebep, Ahmet Gönüllü, Barış Kaştaş



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