MA Defenses 2020

Note: All defenses have a pre-recorded presentation followed by a live q&a via Zoom. All are welcome to attend. If you would like to attend please contact for the Zoom link and pre-recorded presentation

Candidate Date Time Thesis title
Nashiha Ahmed 3-Jun-2020 1530-1730 A Re-examination of Computational Creativity through Non-Human Animals
Kardelen Küçük 4-Jun-2020 1700-1900 A New Outlook on the Problem of the Natural Kind Status of Emotions
Hatice Kaya 5-Jun-2020 1600-1800 Carnap on the Method of Philosophy: Rational Reconstruction and Explication
Reyihanguli Alimujiang  9-Jun-2020 1130-1330 The Development of Preschoolers’ Understanding of Culpability
Efsun Pamukcu 11-Jun-2020 1530-1730 Can We See Animals Are Agents?
Doğacan İsmet 17-Jun-2020 1530-1730 Knowledge and Wisdom: A Reading of the Digression in the Theatetus 



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