Student Activity, Philosophy Film Night


This is a movie about ideas, a drama based on the ancient war between science and superstition. At its center is a woman who in the fourth century A.D. was a scientist, mathematician, philosopher, astronomer and teacher, respected in Egypt, although women were not expected to be any of those things.

Hypatia (Rachel Weisz) was born into the family business. Her father Theon (Michael Lonsdale) was the curator of the Library of Alexandria, which had as its mission “collecting all the world’s knowledge.” Scholars traveled there from across the ancient world, doing research and donating manuscripts. It was destroyed by Christians in 391 A.D., and “Agora” takes place in the years surrounding that incalculable loss. (Roger Ebert)


Date: 7 March 2019, Thursday

Time: 18:00

Location: H-232


In celebration of International Women’s Day

Organized by Bilkent University, Department of Philosophy


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