World Philosophy Day

In honor of the World Philosophy Day 2011, on Thursday 17 November, the Department of Philosophy at Bilkent University is pleased to present a one-day conference: “Monsters and Philosophers”.


09.30-09.40 Varol Akman “Welcome Address”

09.40-10.30 Simon Wigley “Homicidal Sleepwalkers: Can We Blame Them?”

10.40-11.30 Elif Boyacıoğlu “The Living, the Dead and the Walking Dead” — respondent: Doğan Erişen

11.40-12.30 Oya Canlı “Half-Human, Half-Rat: The Rights and Wrongs of Chimera Research”

12.40-14.30 Lunch break

14.40-15.30 Senem Yıldırım “Arendt’s Eichmann: A ‘Terribly and Terrifyingly Normal Monster’”

 15.40-16.30 Kourken Michaelian “Cyborg Memories”

16.40-17.40 István Aranyosi “Zombiology, Angelology, and Demonology” — respondent: Kaan Arıkan


The event will take place in room G160 where light refreshments will be served.

All welcome.



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