Mustafa Nakeeb

Visiting Assistant Professor

Coordinator: Program in Cultures, Civilizations and Ideas

Ph.D.,State University of New York

Areas of Interest: Ancient Philosophy; Ancient historiography

Phone: +90-312-290-3132
Office: G224


Dr. Mustafa S. Nakeeb (B.A. Northwestern University, Ph.D. State University of New York) received his Ph.D. in 1999. Prior to coming to Bilkent he has been a lecturer in Philosophy, History, and Humanities at SUNY Buffalo and other campuses in the SUNY system. His primary research interest is the relationship of ancient Greek philosophy and history, both in terms of the influence of historical events on the formation of philosophical views and of the philosophical themes which have shaped the way the Greeks wrote history. He has presented papers at the annual meetings of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy as well as The American Philological Association. His most recent article is entitled “Polybius’ Platonic Philosophy of History”.