Conference: Recent Trends in the Philosophy of Biology

Philosophy of biology is a field of study that aims to solve conceptual puzzles within the biomedical sciences, as well as illuminate traditional questions in philosophy by appealing to biological knowledge. About 40 years ago, philosophy of biology was still a niche topic in the philosophy of science. Now that the field has matured into a thriving sub-discipline engaging philosophers and biologists alike, it is time to take stock. Where is the field going? What are some of the questions that still require work? And what new methods are available to address them? In an effort to address these issues, this interdisciplinary conference will explore some of the recent trends in the philosophy of biology.

Keynotes: Elliot Sober (Wisconsin-Madison), Alexander Rosenberg (Duke), & Barry Loewer (Rutgers)

Confirmed speakers: Laura Franklin-Hall (NYU), Beate Krickel (Ruhr-University of Bochum), & Arnon Levy (Hebrew University).

Dates: May 17-19, 2019 

Host Department: Philosophy, Bilkent University


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