Conference: Exploring the Mind’s Eye – An Interdisciplinary Conference on Imagination

Imagination is at the center of contemporary debates in the philosophy of mind. The ontological status of mental imagery, the epistemological status of imagined possibilities, and the relationship between imaginative ability and the subjective knowledge of one’s experiences are all rigorously debated. Likewise, the nature and function of imagination is an important and lively area of research in neuroscience and developmental psychology. Previous research focused on the so-called “imagery dispute” between the pictorialists and the descriptionalists. Interest in the neuroscience of imagination has been renewed in recent years, in part because of empirical research on Aphantasia (i.e. lack of voluntary mental imagery). That condition raises new and substantial questions about the neurology, psychology and philosophy of imagination. In this interdisciplinary conference, we aim to provide a platform where prominent scholars can share, discuss and develop their views and theories in the light of the most recent developments in the philosophical and scientific research on imagination.

Dates: October 25-26, 2019

Confirmed speakersAdam Zeman, David PapineauAmy Kind, Bence Nanay, Anna Abraham, Margot StrohmingerKourken MichaelianDeena Weisberg,Tufan Kıymaz.

Call for poster proposals: We welcome poster proposals from philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists. Click here for the CFP.


Registration is required to attend the conference but there is no registration fee.

Host institution: Bilkent University

Host departments: Philosophy, Neuroscience & Psychology

Organized by the Mind, Brain and Behavior Research Group at Bilkent University

Conference website: click here.


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