Early visitors to the Bilkent include Donald Davidson, Ruth Barcan Marcus, Roger Scruton, and Bernard Williams. More recently visitors to the department include Timothy Williamson, G.A. Cohen, Jonathan Wolff, Sarah Broadie, Keith Lehrer, Julia Driver, Tim Crane, Frederick Schauer, Paul Guyer and David Chalmers.

  • Lykeion Lise Felsefe Konferansı

    Lykeion Lise Felsefe Konferansı

    (Bilkent University Lykeion High School Philosophy Conference will be held in Turkish) Konferans Platformu: Zoom Konferans Tarihi: 30 Ocak 2022 Konuşmacılar İçin Son Başvuru Tarihi: 18 Kasım 2021 (Dinleyici olarak […]

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